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Feb. 23rd, 2011 | 07:16 am

It's been waaaay too long since I've blogged. Holy crap. I need get in here more often and post stuff like I always vow I will (seriously, I'm going to write about Victorian pornography any day now), so my blogs aren't all just "hey look at this stuff I did." But I've left it too long, so whatevs. Here's some stuff I did:

My very last Fantasy Magazine-hosted Films of High Adventure went up this morning! Sniff! Jesse and I decided to do Beetle Juice, because we both loved that film (still love it!), and we wanted to go out with a triumphant, fist-jabbing YES! Thanks for all the support, folks--we'll get back into doing the column on our blogs once we both conquer a few deadlines.

The Crossed Genres Quarterly #1 is now available! It contains stories by Ken Liu, Christie Yant, Therese Arkenberg and myself, among others. I'm thrilled my work appears in such hallowed company. Yay!

I've had some recent good news, as well, in the form of hearing that I'll have a few nonfiction pieces appearing soon around the interwebs. For Fantasy, I had the privilege to interview Edward Packard and Ellen Kushner about their experiences writing the Choose Your Own Adventure series, and talked to a lot of my friends about how much they enjoyed reading those books as a kid (as did I!). I'll post a note when that goes up in April---I'm really happy about it, and many thanks to everyone who helped that piece along.

For Strange Horizons, I interviewed Jonathan L. Howard, and that will be going up in April, too. Howard is one of those authors who is just genuinely nice, pleasant to work with, and interesting. It was such fun to speak with him about things like role playing, horror cinema, and what the new Cabal novel will be about. Serious yay! In other  Cabal-related news, "The House of Gears," a Cabal short, will be appearing in Fantasy in April, and since I was already interviewing him for SH, I conducted his Author Spotlight. Whew!

I think that's about it! I'm mostly excited about the Fantasy relaunch, though--it's going to be beautiful and chock-full of amazing fiction. While you wait for that, however, you should check out Fantasy's February issue. It's been one of our most amazing months, with fiction by An Owomoyela, a co-authored Gio Clairval/Jeff VanderMeer piece, and a delicious bit of weirdness from Tamsyn Muir. Next Monday we're publishing an outstanding story by Megan Arkenberg, so make sure to mark your calendars to save some time for "The Celebrated Carousel of the Margravine of Blois" because woahmifreakingod. It's the jam.

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