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on appreciation

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May. 18th, 2011 | 10:56 am

I've decided, as a "motivational practice," to blog once a week during Virtual Boot Camp. Last week, I talked mostly about my initial efforts to be more fit, as well as the sorts of things I'd been doing for myself before starting the boot camp. This week, having now completed a full week and then some of VBC, I'm going to talk about the awareness of and appreciation for certain things which working out has recently given me.

First: Food. I will always love to cook, bake, and eat. I'm good at preparing delicious meals, and I enjoy it. It's rarely a chore for me. But, having discovered over the past week and a half what it really feels like to be "body-hungry" (needing to eat to nourish one's body---used in contrast to being "mouth-hungry," which is one's desire to eat tasty things regardless of need), I can say that eating when you're super-hungry from exercise makes food more delicious, which is awesome. To wit: I went on a hike last Sunday, up at Rocky Mountain National Park. It's a gorgeous hike, as it takes you to three different lakes, and it's more than decent exercise for the likes of me, as it's 3.5 miles round trip, with a 600 ft. elevation gain. My husband and I did the whole thing in about 2 hours, including a lunch break. We ate at the terminus, and let me tell you, the sandwich I made us was the most wonderful thing I'd ever put in my mouth. Sure, this was in part because it was a freshly baked, hollowed-out rosemary loaf smeared with homemade olive relish and then stuffed with spinach and a bunch of vegan salami and bologna, but it was also because I had goddamn earned that sandwich. This is how I've been feeling at every meal. Even my usual wrap come lunchtime tastes divine.

Second: Sleep. I usually have quite a bit of trouble falling asleep and then staying asleep. Not since starting boot camp! I'm sure I'll eventually adjust, but recently I simply cannot stay awake past maaaaaybe 11 PM, and when I fall asleep, I sleep well. Deep snoozin, big dreamin. I am also now all of a sudden now waking up around 6:30 AM naturally, which is let's just say. . . atypical for me. True, my normal wake-up o'clock is a mere half-hour later, but the thing is, recently when I arise I'm all like RAWR! IT'S A NEW DAY! And I'm just not that sort of girl. That may be changing.

Third: Hot Water. I've always liked showering. I enjoy being clean and the process by which that is achieved. These days, though, I enjoy it ever so much more, and it's not just because of my Lush collection. There is nothing, I have found, so wonderful as a hot, hot shower when you still have that "Whew! I did it! And am slightly sore!" feeling after working out. Especially, for me, post-weights. It's just so delightful, feeling gym-gross sluicing away down the drain as your body relaxes. I know by working out with weights I'm gaining all sorts of health benefits and stuff, but seriously, it's worth it purely for the aahhhhhh feeling of hot water beating on my shoulders while Lush Sea Vegetable or A Ring of Roses perfumes the whole bathroom.

And that, friends, is what I'mma go do right now. Woo!

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